Why Would you Choose the Overbet

December 26, 2020

In some situations, opponents could call classic size bets without actually folding to large bets. The Over-bet is therefore suitable for games offering deep stacks where it is possible to make large bets. This over-bet is therefore directly comparable to the size of the pot.

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Although the qq terpercaya Overbet can be done on all streets, the ideal is still to do it on the river. Therefore, depending on the type of situation, over-bets can be used as an ultra-powerful bluffing instrument or as an instrument of disinformation aimed at opponents who find themselves paying on arrival with a losing hand. So when it comes to considering versatility, it is more than important to understand why it is necessary to make a massive bet when the opportunity arises.

In bluffing, over-betting can seem very tempting, especially for beginners, as they are likely to win the pot several times. However, the problem is that once they pay, the stake will cost them a lot. Otherwise, if the player encourages someone else to pay, the big bet could scare him off, thus leading him to quit the game.

Over-bet like Bluff

Using large bets helps push other players out of the pot. It may seem like some crude and pretty harsh demonstration, but it still takes a lot more math than just pushing your chips to the center of the table with your eyes closed. As with any other step in poker, the success of the over-bet will depend mainly on the ability to read the tendency of his opponents as well as the strength of their hands.

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So many will want to overbet in bluffing when they think the players in front of them have a medium strength hand.

Thinking that the opponent is a real monster, the size of the bet will matter very little at this time. He will not throw away his cards. On the other hand, if the latter has a weak hand, he will tend to fold even against a classic bet. The most frequently used and most effective way to overbet by bluffing during competitions is when it is possible to force your opponents to make a single decision, for all of their remaining chips.


A word of warning for beginners: the main thing to keep in mind is that when a bet is of a standard size, it will generally accomplish the same thing as a larger bet but will still save money when the bet size is set. The opponent will pay his royalty. Thus, the Overbetting is generally used in order to try to make profitable his hand when the player has a max play.


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