Double Chance bets and the Best Choices That You Need Now

May 23, 2020

The double chance bet is less risky than other forms of betting since it allows you to check two potential results out of three. It is therefore an excellent way to secure your earnings prospects as football remains a sport that always has great surprises in store for us. If you have the slightest doubt in your predictions, you can opt for the double chance bet in order to win money by limiting the risks as best as possible.

The risks of playing a double chance bet

In reality, there is no risk as such with 토토double chance bets. Of course, your prognosis will be lost if the match ends with the third result, that is to say the one that was not included in your bet. This element is nevertheless valid for all of your sports bets! The double chance bet also allows you to limit the risks compared to other types of bets. Only downside, the odds of your bet will necessarily be higher than that of a simple bet or a handicap bet. It remains to be seen whether you prefer to secure a gain or nurture greater ambitions.

How to make double chance bets?

In this third part, we will explain how to place a double chance bet under the best possible conditions. This process takes place in three distinct stages.

Identify the match that interests you

First of all, you will have to find the match on which you wish to place a double chance bet. If the end result is not in your opinion, it is better to direct you to a simple bet, even a handicap bet if there is a favorite team. The double chance bet should above all lend itself to meetings whose outcome remains uncertain.

Allow yourself to take a risk

The double chance bet is less risky since you select two probable results out of three, but the odds are quite low. You can therefore increase your chances of winning, you just have to bet more, for example by taking advantage of a bonus offered by your bookmaker, or to create a handset with several double chance bets.

Don’t be too greedy

If this last step may seem contradictory to the previous one, it is not. Zero risk does not exist in the world of sports betting and if double chance approaches it, you are never immune to a surprise. You should therefore prepare your predictions in the same way as with other types of bets and avoid betting your entire bankroll.

How to calculate the odds of a double chance bet?

Each sports betting site establishes its odds according to a list of very specific criteria such as the history of confrontations, the last results obtained, the players suspended or injured and the number of points in the ranking. Regarding the double chance bet, the two predictions that contain the most likely result will therefore have a lower rating than the third choice available to you.

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