How do you handle variance in poker?

December 3, 2021

The first teaching of this concept in the mathematics of idnpoker is that this game has a component of chance, but it is much less important than in all casino games. Why else are there always the same players in the tournament finals? The other lesson is that it is a long-term game, where specific results matter very little.

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Now the poker variance has no memory. Therefore, the player in the previous example should not play like crazy hoping that in the next game he will win 60 of the 90 hands in which he participates just because of variance. Alternatively, yes, but you should not trust it. In the next game, it will continue to have 40/90 as a reference, and in the long term, it will have towards that value.

How to deal with the variance

All right, you know what variance is in poker. Now what do you do with it? Very well, there are psychological rabbits so that this deviation of the probabilities does not affect you in a negative way. Others directly affect your decisions.

Cold Mind

Okay, you lost to a player who played a game. Have you done everything right? What can you improve? Do not forget to have patience. It was seen that players often won even if they had weak cards. In most cases, you will have something to improve.

Stability in the choice of games                                      

If you always play tables with similar blinds or cash with similar prizes and tickets, you are less likely to be affected negatively by variance. On the other hand, in a very big tournament you cannot allow yourself a bad streak, because you will be out.

Do not change your game after a bad result

The domino idn game is different depending on your situation at the table. However, losing a hand does not mean you have to be super-aggressive. Control and apply your style of play, and do not go crazy to recover what was lost with a bad hand. The best thing is not to compensate, it is that everything returns to normal, and continue playing with the patterns you used to play.

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Variance in poker is not an omnipotent monster

This advice is one more to more, and it goes to collation of the first point. Making a bad decision is not the variance. That you have not calculated the odds well is not a variance. Alternatively, that you do not make a correct decision out of fear, it is not. A common mistake among newbie is to go from not knowing this concept to attributing all their losses to you.

In addition, it probably does not. Do not use variance as an excuse in poker or an explanation to all the hands that go wrong. First, review your game and see what you can learn, in this way, the worst that can happen is that the win rate goes up. The first step to improve knows how to find the weaknesses, if you attribute everything to the supposed variance and you will stagnate.

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