What are The Top Trusted Online Casinos

March 9, 2021

Let’s try to answer the question “What constitutes a casino as the most trusted?”. Well, if you want the short answer click here to see a list of the most trusted online casinos.

However, to answer this question it is very difficult to define what the most trusted casino is. But we can look at some ways to point them out. We must add that all players should only be playing at trusted casinos. 

To answer the question with more clarity, a trusted casino is one that protects its players’ data and its games are fair as well as runs a legal online casino. This might seem like an awful lot for any company to adhere to. However, in the gambling industry, this is the standard for trusted casinos.

How Can You Find The Top Trusted Online Casinos 

Finding a trusted casino isn’t as difficult as you might think, but you do have to know where to check and how to check for one. There are many factors that will determine if an online casino is to be trusted or not. 

In other words, factors such as licenses, security measures, and other things are what makes a casino trusted or not. In this article, we will look at some of the factors that will help you find a trusted casino in a matter of minutes. 

Here are some of the factors that make up a trusted online casino. 


If you’re an avid user of the Internet, you may have read of the horror stories of the cybercrime community. These criminals are often searching for victims to rob or collect their financial records.

All this sounds very frightening, but the internet has been a very complicated part of our everyday lives. Most of the people will live, work or even have fun without it. So, asking people to simply get off the internet to keep their details safe is really impractical.

When it comes to the online casino community, there is a requirement for consistency determination, and that standard is a license. A licensed casino is one that is regulated by a country’s gambling regulator and needs to respond to it.

Licensing bodies will expect a lot from online casinos, such as offering options to secure players’ personal and financial info. To receive a license, online casinos must have a lot of paperwork demonstrating that their apps and games are lawful. Even, their platform must be completely secured using the new encryption technologies.

Not all licenses are produced equal, however. There are high-level licensing authorities that rigorously vet online casinos that hold their licenses. While the others are a tad lax on the laws and regulations.

The Top-tier license providers include The Malta Gaming Authority and The United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Medium-tier regulatory bodies include Curaçao eGaming, Costa Rica Gaming Commission, and The Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Then we have the lower tier regulators. We call them lower-tier not because they are illegal or anything of sorts. They are just very lax on their regulations and bad faith casinos see this as an opportunity. Some of these include licenses from Panama, Cyprus, Belize, and others.

Encryption Technology 

A trusted online casino is one that can protect its player’s data from third-party prying eyes. Encryption technology has rapidly become the norm of the online gambling world. Now more than ever, players are more worried about their online presence and what happens to their data.

To keep players from worrying about these issues, trusted online casinos have protected their sites with the latest encryption technology. This is simply to ensure that all information shared on the casino website stays on the casino’s site. 

Certified Games from Industry’s top software developers

The online gambling industry is filled with hundreds of software developers, some new and some have been in the industry a long time. However, trusted online casinos only use games from tried and tested software developers.

We are talking about developers who have been in the industry for over 3 decades. Software developers like Microgaming, BetSoft, Playtech, and many more! have successfully thrived in the industry for a number of years.

What makes their games safe is that all their games have been certified by in-house and third-party auditors for fairness and randomness. So, if an online casino provides games from any of the providers above, you can be certain it is a trusted online casino.

A selection of Payment methods

Casinos giving players a range of payment options are some of the best for a number of reasons. Second, the more payment options a casino has, the more confidence the payment service has. In other terms, this payment processor has considered the online casino to be trusted.

This might not always be the case, though. Few online casinos have inadequate payment options because they are new. Secondly, players are invited to select from a number of payment choices. Since it seems that you have the ability to take advantage of different payment options.

Responsible Gambling 

This is a unique feature for trusted online casinos. Most online casinos just want to make as much money as possible, we can all agree with that. However, the trusted casinos also worry about those players and care if they have developed an addiction to their games and casino. 

A trusted online casino will usually monitor its players’ activity to see who is spending recklessly or some who seems to be at risk. Sometimes they might freeze the players’ accounts to see how they respond. If the player’s response isn’t adequate enough for the casino they could terminate the player’s account. 

Trusted online casinos will usually have links to gambling addiction experts on their front page. To allow players to easily access help if they ever feel they need it.

Closing Remarks

All considered, trusted online casinos must feature a proper gambling license, games from the trusted software developer, and encrypt their website. If you find a site that checks every single of these boxes, you are safe to gamble on this site. 

However, even if you think the casino is safe. We advise you to take your time to get acquainted with the casino’s terms and conditions. In their terms and conditions, you can find information has it pertains to how  they would be using the information you share on their website 


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