When Can You Think of Making Slot Bets

December 5, 2020

The first would be software that could be used to officially “update” the devices. Since this is not freely available, you would have to get it first. Either you have an insider at the manufacturer or you authorize the hardware of one of the employees. Then you have to analyze the software and find out how exactly it works. However, this is not a particularly big hurdle for experts. The software then still has to be adapted and is ready to be installed on real devices. How exactly the payouts are made at the machine can be programmed in advance. You could just increase the chances of winning and empty the machine. However, it is noticeable very quickly when certain machines only win.

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Programmed payout with certain key combinations

This works best with a certain key combination. Then you can leave the machine unattended and let other players feed it without being particularly noticeable and come back later to cash in. Also because of video surveillance nowadays, activation via a key combination is less noticeable than technical interventions that would be more easily recognized by the staff. The disadvantage is of course that if you look at the video recordings during the investigation, the key combination is also easily recognizable. The link idn options are also important.

Infiltration of foreign code through back doors in the electronics

Another possibility would be to exploit the weak points in the electronics. Certain circuits can cause a reboot of the entire system for example by short-circuiting certain pins and thus import new software via a safe mode. Among other things, this is also provided as an emergency plan if the software can no longer be addressed to such an extent due to various errors that the system should be updated on its own. Since such back doors have already been used in the past as a gateway for manipulation, they are considered well-protected company secrets. Today, such access is increasingly secured by additional encryption. The slot pragmatic  options are there as well.

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Taking Advantage of Obvious Bugs

Sometimes you don’t have to be a computer expert to have unauthorized winnings paid out. As the software of slot machines is becoming more and more complex, the likelihood of undesirable malfunctions also increases. Every PC user is familiar with these annoying bugs and such problems are also becoming more common with smartphones. Most of the time it is only minor problems that can be fixed at least temporarily by restarting the app or the software. It gets more annoying when the entire system crashes or freezes. But bugs can also occur at critical points and if these errors can be reproduced in a targeted manner, they offer the possibility of further manipulation of the behavior of the software or even further manipulation of the software. By the way, this is the usual way of hackers finding software bugs that allow users to smuggle in and execute their own code.

Bugs in touch controls on modern slot machines

But the bugs can also be inconspicuous and still cause a lot of damage. For example, not long ago a player at a roulette machine noticed that when placing multiple bets at the same time (by touch control) and pressing the cancel button, the stakes were credited back to the credit, but still remained on the tableau. So you could make bets without risk and get big profits. But even something like this does not go unnoticed for long and can be fatal for the player.

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