Is Gambling in an Online Casino in Singapore Legal?

October 4, 2022
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Gambling in Singapore can take many forms. Toto, 4D, Toto, and the Singapore Big Sweep are the most well-known and popular options. Many people might not realize that these options are not the only ones available to gamblers.  It can be enjoyable to gamble in SG bet casino once in a while. However, frequent gamblers could fall prey to gambling addiction or become a criminal for participating in illegal gambling activities.

The government of Singapore prohibits gambling unless it is licensed or exempt, regardless of whether it is performed physically or online. This reflects the government’s attitude that gambling as a whole is not encouraged, but specific types of gambling are permitted, provided they occur in a controlled and secure environment.

Typically, social gambling would encompass the casual gaming behaviors prevalent among many Singaporeans. Among these is inviting people to play mahjong at home, particularly during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

It is also unlawful in Singapore to gamble in any public area. Because a void deck is a public space, it would be theoretically prohibited for members of the same family to bet during a funeral held on one.

Due to the restriction that you must undertake gambling at a person’s residence, online social gambling is likewise unlawful. This is partly because internet gambling makes it difficult to determine whether the other requirements for lawful social gaming are met.

Singapore Pools is not able to offer any casino games. Their betting options are, therefore, limited compared to what online casinos and sportsbooks offer. Bettors who gamble online with them must ensure that they only use licensed providers and casinos. It would help if you searched for a reliable online casino Singapore legal to know the things you need to consider. 

Online gambling is illegal in Singapore. However, bettors may register in registered online casinos. Therefore, finding a licensed online casino where you can start betting is essential, as many scammers run fake online casinos.

To know more information, here is an infographic from CM2Bet. 

Is Gambling in an Online Casino in Singapore Legal


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