How to decide if a Betting Site is Safe?

October 19, 2020

There are tens of thousands of potential betting sites to choose from. It can be difficult for beginners to find the best casino on their own. How can you find out a reputed casino which can provide the best services to you?  Over time, the casinos have produced rules for assessing betting sites.Each site listed in the table above passed the following tests:

It Must Have a Valid Gaming License

If a site doesn’t have a permit issued by a trustworthy authority, that’s a warning sign that it might not be secure. It’s even more dangerous if it once had one but lost it. That means it violated the issuing authority’s rules. You shouldn’t start playing until you find a casino with license

It Must Offer Fast, Reliable Payouts

There’s more than one way for a site to be unsafe, but without a doubt, the most common sort of betting site scam is when you deposit and don’t get your money back.

Despite how some players feel,  it would be best when a casino asks you to verify your identity. As long as the manner isn’t too complex or time-consuming, this means the site considers fraud prevention and identity theft. When it comes to seeing for safe betting sites, that’s a huge plus.

It Must Run on a Secure, Encrypted Connection

There’s no need to have a deep understanding of this issue to make use of it. That’s why they pay IT, professionals, and the big bucks. All you need to know, as an online bettor, is that you want to bet at sites with https:// at the beginning of the web address.

That means the site runs on an SSL encrypted connection. Without getting into boring details, this makes it virtually impossible for hackers and criminals to steal financial and/or personal data on the connection. The best casinosdon’t take risks with your data safe, and you should avoid any sites which aren’t encrypted.

It Must Propose Games from Reliable Software Providers

If you see betting software youdon’t recognize, that’s not an automatic write-off.  The casino industry is highly innovative and is always willing to give upstarts a chance. However, you need to dig deeper and find out if these companies are reputable, and ideally want to see third-party verification of payouts.

It Must Have an Authenticated History & Solid Base of Players/Bettors

You’re aware, of course, that there are lots of new betting sites coming online daily, and plenty of them are safe. In those cases, you look at the management team and company running them.

If a site is new, run by a startup with no industry reputation or experience, it’s highly unlikely you’ll find that site on our recommended list. They will only make it if they’ve done something exceptional to win our trust.


It’s always worth it to take the time to investigate before picking on a betting site. You can start by reading some of our in-depth reviews.

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