Advanced Soccer Betting Markets for Bettors in Singapore

August 27, 2022
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Online soccer betting in Singapore is prevalent among bettors, considering how many options are available. Beginners can start their betting journey by placing wagers on simple markets, such as 1X2, Both Teams to Score (BTTS), and Double Chance. But bettors planning to win big can take their chances in advanced betting selections.

Here are some of the advanced soccer betting markets bettors can try:

Exact Total Goal

As its name suggests, exact total goals betting means predicting the combined score of both teams exactly. This betting market only sounds straightforward but takes intensive research of the match on hand. Bettors must thoroughly check the scoring abilities of both squads to guess the total accumulated goal accurately. 

Correct Score

Like exact total goal, bettors also do not need to predict the match winner. Instead, they must correctly guess the final scoreline of the game. Predicting the exact score after 90 minutes seems easy but as complicated as determining the combined number of goals. Bettors must research intensively about the two teams’ previous encounters, best goal scorers, and tournament performance to make informed bets.

Scores not covered by sportsbooks are called “any other score” (AOS). Bettors can try their luck on AOS, considering how huge the payout is if their prediction is correct. However, simply relying on Singapore Pools soccer odds offered by game providers alone is not enough to win these bets. Aside from luck, it takes thorough research.

Asian Handicap

Betting on Asian handicap requires bettors to predict the match result, given the disadvantage and advantage bookmarker provides for the favourite and underdog. Bettors sticking with the favourite win their bet if the favourite wins the match by a certain goal margin. If they stick with the underdog, bettors win if the underdog wins or losses by a specific goal margin.

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