Blackjack’s Bonus Bets

April 25, 2020

I am probably not the one to tell you that blackjack is one of the most, if not the most, popular casino table games on earth. If there is a casino, there is usually a blackjack table too. With the game being so widespread across the globe it is inevitable the game’s dynamics will change from venue to venue whether you are playing blackjack online or playing in a land-based casino. In this blog, we are going to cover some of the different bonus bet options that various blackjack tables may offer.

Not every blackjack table comes with a bonus bet, and in general, my advice would be to avoid any kind of side bets if you are planning on becoming a profitable blackjack player. The reason I say this is because the odds of winning a bonus bet are stacked heavily against you. In fact, nearly every bonus bet gives considerably extends the standard house edge on the game.

Bonus bets are there to add some excitement to the game as well as to give the house that extra edge, which unavoidably helps the house win more money from those that partake.

Nonetheless, that does not mean that you should not bet on the bonus from time to time if you want to spice up your session. Furthermore, it cannot hurt to at least understand what each bonus bet entails just in case you do come across them during blackjack playing days.

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An important Bonus Bet Rule You Need to Know

Before I begin, let’s just cover an important rule to avoid any embarrassment. By the way, I have personally been there when my friend tried to do this, and all it does is dampen your casino player’s image – as when we are in a casino, at least me anyway, I like people to think I am the part. This basically means that I don’t like to look like a newbie wet behind the ears.

So, my friend. He saw a bonus bet option on a blackjack table proceeded to try and only bet on the bonus. As my head dropped into the palm of my hand, the dealer asked why he had not placed a bet on the main game. To add further insult to injury he was going to answer before I jumped in and explained the rules after apologising for my friend’s mistake.

The golden bonus bet rule: You need to bet on a blackjack hand and take part in order to be able to also bet whichever bonus is being presented.

Obviously if you are an online casino, then it is impossible to make this mistake because you will not be able to add your chip to the bonus area until after you have placed your main bet.

The 5 Most Common Bonus Bets

Now I have cleared that up and hopefully saved you the possibility of any future embarrassment, let’s get down to the various bonus bets that you are most likely to come across.

  1. Bonus Pairs Blackjack Side Bet

This is one of the easiest bonus bet option in blackjack to understand. Quite simply if you are dealt a pair on the deal, then you are paid out according to the bonus pairs pay table. Should the first two cards dealt to you not be a pair, then the bet is immediately lost. Usually the amount you bet on the bonus pairs options has to be between the minimum and maximum bet of the table.

Picture cards do not count as pairs. Just to explain further, this means a king and a jack are not a pair just because in the game of blackjack they hold the same numerical value of 10. You will need wither a pair or kings, a pair of queens, or a pair of jacks for this bet to count.

Blackjack Bonus Pairs Pay outs:

  • Mixed Pair: Same card but different colour and different suit – 6 to 1 pay out
  • Coloured Pair: Same card and same colour – 12 to 1 pay out
  • Exact Pair: Same card, same colour, and same suit – 25 -1 pay out

As blackjack is most often played with multiple decks of cards you can get a pair of 7s of the same suite or colour. Obviously if you get the same suit, then this is always going to be the same colour.

  1. Progressive Jackpot Blackjack Side Bet

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