Fine betting and Bookmaking Options for You

July 21, 2020

Let’s take a closer look at the principle of operation of totes and bookmakers, their features, differences and parallels.

Who is a bookmaker

A 토토 사이트 bookmaker is a company that makes bets with clients on various events. In theory, you can bet on anything presidential elections, Brexit, cultural and art events. However, in most cases, users place bets on various sports events football and hockey matches, boxing matches, horse races, etc.

The principle of bookmaker’s work is very simple: a person applies to a company in order to bet some amount on a certain outcome of a sporting event. The bookmaker provides him with such an opportunity. If the client guesses the correct outcome of the event, he is paid the amount of the bet and some profit, in accordance with the selected odds. If the outcome is determined incorrectly, the money will not be returned to the client.

The founder of the modern bookmaker is considered to be the French entrepreneur Pierre Oler. In the 19th century, he rented a small space on the racetrack and produced advertisements to attract people willing to place a bet. A few years later, similar offices appeared in England and to this day, English bookmakers are considered the most reliable. Bookmakers appeared in Russia in 1991.

The essence of the bookmaker’s work

The main principle of the 은꼴 bookmaker’s work is as follows, the player is confident in the outcome of a certain event, and is ready to place a bet on it. He registers on the bookmaker’s website or comes to a stationary office and places a bet. If the outcome is determined correctly, the client again contacts the same office and receives the won money. If the outcome is determined incorrectly, the client receives nothing.

The client’s winnings depend on the bookmaker’s odds. When calculating this figure, the office analyzes the possibility of winning one of the opponents in the match. To find out the amount you will receive if you win, multiply your bet by the odds. For example, if you place a bet of 1,000 dollars at odds of 1.56, if you win, 1,560 dollars will be credited to your account.

Should I pay attention to the margin?

Margin is the bookmaker’s own profit, a fixed percentage that the company takes from each winning bet. This percentage is initially included in the coefficient, therefore it is almost invisible to the players.

For example, let’s take a bet of two outcomes on an even or odd total of one half. The bookmaker offers equal bets on both outcomes with odds of 1.87. Initially, both events can be considered equally probable and not predictable in advance. Theoretically, the fair odds for such an equally probable event are 2.0: if you win, the bet is doubled, and if you lose, it disappears. However, in this case, for a bet of 1000 dollars, there are 870 dollars of winning. The balance of 130 dollars is the bookmaker’s margin. The more you bet, the more the bookmaker’s income (while the margin percentage remains unchanged). Thus, the bookmaker has set a margin equal to 0.13 of the profit.

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