When is a good time to back an underdog team?

July 14, 2020

Sports are thrilling, exciting, and great to watch. That is why they are so popular, after all! While things like tennis are always entertaining, it is team-based sports that usually grab the most attention. There are many reasons for this, but one thing that helps is the concept of the underdog team. This is a team that shouldn’t win a particular match or competition but does so, often against all the odds. Of course, finding an underdog team to back can prove profitable as the odds you get for them to win will be decent.

Simply putting money blindly on teams like this in any game is a quick way to the poor house. But when should you back the underdog in sports? 

If the better team are weak or in bad form 

Whether you choose to bet on football at a New Jersey online sportsbook site or baseball in another state where it is legal, it is worth looking at the other team first. While the so-called better team might seem a sure thing, this is not always true. If they have a lot of injuries or suspensions, it might mean the underdog has a better chance of winning. It is also true if the other team is in a temporary run of poor form while the underdogs are playing out of their skin. There have been many amazing under dog stories in sports over time, and they can often be due to the reasons above. 

If the underdog team has more motivation 

A good idea before placing any sports bets is to check on what competition the upcoming game is in and how important the match is to each team. If the underdog needs to win to avoid relegation, you can bet they will be fired up to do well. If the match is not as crucial to the other team, then they might not be as motivated. You can often see this in soccer when a mid-table team with nothing to play for can be beaten by those below them in the last few games of a season.

If they play better at home or always win that fixture 

Some teams in all sports just play better in their own stadium. That is true for any game, from basketball to hockey and football. It can mean that an underdog team playing at home can be worth a bet – especially if the other sideis rubbish when playing away from home! You should also look out for underdog teams that always beat certain teams. This can be very common in all sports and makes the underdog a good bet in particular games – even against teams that should beat them. 

Don’t write off the underdog team too quickly 

When you see a team doing poorly against a team doing well, it is easy to put money on the side doing well. That is not always wise. As the above shows, there are a few scenarios where backing the underdog is worthwhile. If you combine this with tactics like placing bets on the Double Chance market, it can pay off handsomely and see you win big!


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