What You Need to Know About Instant Withdrawal Online Casino Singapore

April 26, 2021

For some players, instant withdrawals in online casinos in Singapore is a factor in choosing the best casino platform, but it isn’t as clear to everybody. Why does it even matter if I have to stand by a day or two to have a cash-out processed by the online casino site instead of receiving whatever I withdraw in a moment?

The fact is, it doesn’t necessarily matter. Nonetheless, there are solid reasons for choosing a gambling site that pays out quickly over one that doesn’t. The CEO of WS88, a licensed online casino in Singapore, Mr. Ong, shares his expert insights on this matter. According to him, there are some benefits of choosing a site that offers instant withdrawal in online casinos in Singapore:

Your Winnings Would Be Instantly Secured 

You may not actually relate to this problem yourself, but it is rather common for players to win a larger sum of money only to gamble it away the same evening or the day after. It was not because they didn’t cash out their win, but because they were still enticed to play and could cancel their withdrawal.

At the majority of gambling sites, it’s possible to cancel a requested cash out as long as the casino’s payments department hasn’t duly processed the withdrawal yet. Some casino players even have a hard time keeping their fingers in check and wind up losing what would have been a nice cash out just because they had to wait too long to receive their money.

“That never happens in instant withdrawal in online casinos in Singapore as the cash will be immediately sent to your e-Wallet, bank account, or whatever method you prefer to cash out with,” said Mr. Ong. So if you feel that you have a hard time keeping your fingers in check, this is an excellent reason to choose such a gambling site, just like WS88.

Bonus Hunting Becomes Even More Easier

As you may or may not realize, there’s a great value in bonus offers. While some are better than others, your overall RTP will consistently be increased when betting with a bonus. “If you do it properly and use the right rewards, you could even guarantee yourself a long-term profit, even though it’s complicated,” said Mr. Ong.

Constantly going from one casino to another to hunt for bonuses is a good strategy that high-rollers are practicing. For convenience’s sake, this strategy works best with instant withdrawals in online casinos in Singapore because you can use the same bankroll to withdraw from one gambling site instantly and then immediately deposit to another where you take part in a new bonus offer.

Because You Want Spontaneous Purchases

Mr. Ong said, “Imagine seeing an ad about the latest smartphone which you would want to have or going window shopping where you see shoes to die for. That same night you deposit at your favorite casino that promotes instant withdrawals to have a few spins on a slot machine. Before you know it, you have scored the jackpot, including a bonus round that returns 5,000 times your stake.”

“At several gambling sites, you would have to stand by at least a day to spend your winnings, but not here at WS88,” explained Mr. Ong. “Since you chose a reliable online casino, such as WS88, that offers instant withdrawals, your money will be transferred to you in an instant, and you can place an order on those shoes or that smartphone that you looked at,” explained Mr. Ong. Feels good for the ego, doesn’t it?

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