What is a Deposit Bonus and How Do I Use It to My Advantage?

November 17, 2021

With the rise of online casinos there are now hundreds of thousands of people around the world that play casino games for fun or for real money. The freedom of playing where you want, when you want has made it more popular than ever.

Now while some people would rather play in person on actual gambling tables, using chips and cards (or in an arcade or similar), others like the convenience of playing from home. This has led to a huge increase in the number of people playing casino games online and many large and reputable corporations have taken advantage of this by setting up online casinos for players to sign up with.

One of the most common ways that these casinos attract new customers is with a deposit bonus.

What is a deposit bonus?

When you sign up to  trusted online casino singapore, for example, you will often find that you are offered a deposit bonus. This is a promotional offer which rewards you with additional funds to play with on the site.

This means that if you were to deposit $20, then your new account would be given an extra $20 credit to play with.

The size of the offer can vary greatly depending on the casino. The higher the value, the more likely it is that you will be tempted to make a deposit and try your luck.

Deposit bonuses are an easy way to get your bankroll off to a flying start. Sites that offer these bonuses are often popular, as they give players the opportunity to try out the games before deciding whether or not to make a first purchase.

How Can I Work Out Whether It’s Worth Claiming?

One of the great things about deposit bonuses is that they give you extra funds to play with. With some types of bonus, such as free spins, there is often a limit on how much you can win. However, with deposit bonuses the sky’s the limit so to speak.

The one downside is the wagering requirements. This means that you will need to place bets with your bonus funds, which can include both your deposit and the bonus.

If the wagering requirements are too high, you may find that it takes too long to complete them and you miss out on withdrawing any money. However, there are some sites which have a very low wagering requirement, so it’s worth checking before you claim your bonus.

How do I use it to my advantage?

Deposit bonus can be a great way to maximise your bankroll management and stretch your money further. However, deposit bonuses come with some strings attached – for example, you usually win less than the complete amount of the bonus.

More often, this amount is 50-75% of the deposit amount or none at all if you bust out too early. You also have to gamble a certain percentage of the bonus amount before you can withdraw, and this is usually around 20-35%.

There are some ways to use deposit bonuses as an advantage as such:

Play Games With Bigger RTP

Since the house edge with deposit bonus is smaller than normal, playing games with a high RTP will increase your chances of clearing the bonus and getting a significant profit.

Play Games With A Higher House Edge

 You can use deposit bonuses to play games with a higher house edge, since the lower overall return rate means you need to take more shots at winning big to make up for it. This works best for games like video poker, which have a higher house edge than table games.


Although there are many different bonuses, it is important to make smart decisions when choosing which ones to take advantage of. If you are looking for an extra boost in your bank account, try taking up one of the free bonuses (no-deposit) and see how long it takes for you to meet the wagering requirements.

But if you have a lot of time on your hands and want to win some real money while playing at trusted online casino singapore, try taking up a deposit bonus that has a high amount attached with a low wagering requirement!

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