Understanding Important Features of Bola Tangkas

May 22, 2020

Bola Tangkas is a poker slot game that finds its origin in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. The game flows just like Seven Stud poker. So, if you have learnt or played this game earlier, you will not find anything difficult about this slot game either.

Winning hands in this game 

It is a card game played on the slot machine, simply put. The winner is the one who  gets same suit of following hands:

  1. Jack
  2. Queen
  3. 10 and King
  4. Royal Flush
  5. Straight Flush
  6. Four of a Kind
  7. Five Cards Straight Flush
  8. Three of a Kind
  9. Full House, Four of a Kind, and so on.

It is quite an entertaining game 

This card game or poker slot game is not at all difficult to learn. Much depends upon the probability than strategy. It is more flexible than a poker as Joker in this game can replace any card of the deck. The least complexity of this game earns it a place in most of the South-east Asian casinos.

How it is played

When played on a slot machine, the player inserts the money into the machine. Then, deal button is pressed. The player gets seven cards on the player part of the screen. They then start discarding a card or two from their hand in an attempt to make a winning hand. It is played in four rounds. The player gets to discard cards in all rounds. At the start of each round, the option of placing bet is given to the player. Thus, winning hand is to be achieved in order to win the bet and to get victory within the given rounds.

So, when you visit an online casino from Indonesia or Malaysia next time, do not forget to play Bola Tangkas. You are surely going to enjoy every bit of it!


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