The Tips and Tricks of Horse Race Betting

December 19, 2022
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With the rise of technology, horse race betting is now more accessible than ever. Thanks to internet casinos, for example, you can now place your bets online.

New to horse race betting? Not to worry! In this article, I compile a list of tips and tricks on horse betting to get you started.

Choose Your Races

Choosing wisely when selecting events to bet on is the most basic rule. You will not be as successful if you wager on every race imaginable. Generally, you should seek out races with smaller top echelons (one or two horses in the tier). It is also advisable to miss races if one or more horses are in the grey tier.

It Costs Money to Make Money

While you should handpick your races to save money, be ready to invest enough money to make a decent wager when you locate a race you like. Exotic bets, such as Pick 4s, Pick 6s, and Superfectas, typically need a considerable investment in order to have a realistic chance of winning. I can’t tell you how many times removing one or two horses from your combination to save a few dollars has cost a gambler hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost earnings. If you can’t afford the more exotic bets, stick to straightforward wagers like Win/Place/Show, Exactas/Quinellas, and Doubles.

Change of Jockey/Trainer

Many racing fans make the mistake of betting on a specific jockey. It is true that jockeys’ winning percentages can vary greatly. These folks, however, are unaware that the most famous jockeys also receive the most remarkable rides. A jockey’s capacity to make a horse gallop faster than its inherent ability is limited. On the other hand, a jockey might undermine a horse’s chances of winning by giving the horse a lousy ride. However, some jockeys “know” how to ride a specific horse better than others. You may tell which jockeys frequently rode the horse successfully by looking at the horse’s prior performance matrix.


Layoffs are significant for two reasons:

  • A horse is presently laid off if he has not competed in more than 45 days since his previous race. Horses that have been off for an extended period of time tend to underperform because they require a race to get back on track. However, the significance of layoffs differs by track. Even a brief layoff at a track with superior horses may turn a horse from a contender to a loser. Conversely, horses can win their first race back following a long layoff at tracks with cheaper horses.
  • If a horse’s last race came after a layoff, the horse would almost certainly improve this time around. The previous race was “required,” and it typically does not reflect the horse’s genuine capabilities.


Workouts are the second most significant indicator of a horse’s ability. Past performances reveal a horse’s fundamental ability, and recent workouts will provide information about a horse’s present condition. When deciding between two horses with comparable prior ability, the horse with the best current form will usually win.

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