The Right Graph Game Solutions you Have Now

October 17, 2020

Graph games are aesthetic and practical solutions, this graph game display and storage unit is made from an IKEA frame.

Cardboard tubes

Here is an original idea for wall storage for graph games, to do yourself with cardboard tubes. This is a decorative idea to store and enjoy your finest collection of graph game minifigures.

Spout bins

Wall-mounted storage so kids can easily access their graph game minifigures and accessories. Also easy to store them away after they’ve finished playing with them! You can find this kind of bins wall shelf on amazon.

A transparent pocket

The transparent pouch originally intended for shoe storage is proving to be super practical for storing graph games! You can attach this pocket to the wall or to the door of your children’s room. A fun, inexpensive storage that even saves space.

Parents will love this play mat! It allows children to play with their graph games from anywhere in the house and offers a very practical solution for storage. This type of storage bag / play mat is available on the site in several colors and patterns.

Storage hidden in an ottoman

A storage that is as practical as it is discreet! This ottoman will easily find its place in a child’s room to store graph games. Once flipped, the top of the stool turns into a graph game plate.

A toolbox

You had to think about it! We love the idea of ​​using a toolbox for storing graph games. This item is perfect for storing small bricks or figurines. Another significant advantage, this storage is mobile, very practical when you go on vacation for example. You can find this type of toolbox on amazon .

Multifunctional storage

A piece of furniture dedicated to storing graph games, for those addicted to organization! The different drawers allow you to store and classify the building bricks by color.

An entire dedicated wall

A child’s room with a wall entirely dedicated to storing graph games! Also note the tip of using clear zip pouches to file the instructions. This type of furniture that combines storage and boxes is available at IKEA.

A DIY storage cabinet

If your child really has a lot (too much) of graph game, here is THE solution to the storage problem. A GREAT cabinet, made to measure and on wheels, which can store an impressive amount of graph game. There is all the details on this DIY here.

An entire room dedicated to graph game

To go even further! Do you have a “spare” room in your house or apartment? Devote this room entirely to the world of graph game! The figurines and bricks are stored in transparent plastic boxes and shelves allow you to showcase the most impressive constructions.

A custom-made cardboard cabinet

A custom-made cardboard cabinet, with numbered drawers, for storing graph games and construction 그래프사이트 games.

Graph game storage bricks

Just like children’s toy bricks, these storage boxes are stackable. So it is ideal for storing graph games in the children’s room. You can mix colors and shapes according to storage needs.

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