The PokerStars exit without any warning from the Asian markets lead the Asian player’s rights to go through the high damages.

December 10, 2020

In recent days, after the involvement of its parent company PokerStars, 6UP decided to merge up with the British gaming giant flutter entertainment and apart from that, PokerStars which is proudly known as the world’s largest online poker site withdrew themselves from the Asian market without any prior warning and thus completely ignored the rights of the Asian players.

Pokerstars is one of the world’s largest online poker platform and thus manages to have a large market share in Asia, mostly covering up the area of China.

6UP is a well-known recognized partner of the Asian Pokerstars. From the back 2019, the star group’s subsidiaries PokerStars and 6UP came together as one and thus signed up an agreement for their partnership in Asia. They officially launched and it successfully turned out to be an online poker platform.

Recently, on September 1, 2020, without any prior notice to 6UP, PokerStars officially announced its decision to withdraw from the Asian market. After the withdrawal announcement, 6UP and PokerStars conducted the meeting and came up with the maximum negotiations, but soon the conversation took an end. Pokerstars insists on their decision of closing the Asian market regardless of the fact of thinking for the rights of the Asian customers.

According to the terms decided by the poker industry, if any party proposes to cancel the agreement during the period, the other party has the complete right to get notified in written in advance.  The contract can only be successfully terminate if both the parties have signed and agreed to the termination agreement.

However, PokerStars was known to be perfunctory and therefore was considered to be an exploitation of 6UP, which is the only well-known partner in Asia. The sudden decision was considered to be as irresponsible and completely wrong and acts as a major reason why it failed the trust of Asian players.

From the recent searches, it comes to know that 6UP has to go through the legal actions against the PokerStars parent company i.e. flutter entertainment to prove that the terms and conditions reached are correct, reasonable and thus must ask for the compensation for the loss of goodwill and profit.

The withdrawal of PokerStars was undoubtedly a tough thing. Once upon a time, this was claimed to be known as the strength of the Chinese players. Thus, we found a list of fantastic masters on the PokerStars. They created their happy world here and thus was having the best of their time. Thus, in any scenario, any kind of withdrawal that might be due to any reason can definitely cause the big losses to the poker lovers or say the PokerStars who are in love with it or say who are passionate for it.

We also waiting for a better future outcome and the better result from this commercial dispute. Not only give up on the rights on the partner companies but also violating the right of customers and thus it has to go through the legal consequences, which in long run, may result in the damaged reputation.

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