The Perfect betting Details You Will need Now

September 6, 2020

While in the country they are fighting for the legalization of betting and are only debugging business processes, the Europeans have stepped to a new level: not classic bookmakers are in fashion now, but aggregators.

Runet in the issue of aggregators did not go beyond definition, and the majority of country players have not even heard of betting brokers. No, this is not an exchange or a syndicate, but something completely different. This is something that the domestic market is still very far from, but the one who decides first can take all the customers.

Aggregators: what they are and how they work

Aggregator (broker) is an independent platform that unites several bookmakers, while the offices are not connected with each other, but, on the contrary, are desperately competing.

Having opened an account with a 카지노쿠폰 broker, the client is automatically registered with all the offices that are part of the aggregator, and can play in any of them from one common site. The initial verification lies with the aggregator, and then the data is transmitted to the bookmakers, and they, at their discretion, can re-check.

Bookmakers interact with brokers in different ways, the terms are trade secrets, but the general meaning is roughly clear: the bookmaker pays either a percentage of the total turnover of bets received through the platform, or gives a fixed amount for each month of partnership – who agreed how.

As for the players, when placing a bet, they see the coefficients and maximums of all the bookmakers included in the aggregator in the coupon. You can agree to the most profitable option, choose a bookmaker at your discretion, or even divide the bet amount into several bookmakers.

Pros and cons for bookmakers

  • In the betting business, as, perhaps, in any other business, the more customers, the higher the income. Therefore, the main advantage of cooperation with an aggregator is an increase in the audience. Many offices cooperate not with one broker, but with all available and more or less well-known.

A word from the head of and professional bettor:

Cooperation with brokers is a good way for bookmakers to offer their services in other countries where they do not work yet and attract new clients. For example, it is much easier for a bookmaker with a Curacao license to sign a partnership agreement with an aggregator and work in the shadow market than to request a license in each country and work legally.

Also, don’t forget about taxes. If the bookmaker does not have a license, then you will not have to pay taxes in each individual country.

But not everything is so simple: in order for the broker’s users to place bets in your office, you need to offer the most favorable conditions and win the competition from other bookmakers. Therefore, bookmakers have to set a margin of no more than 2% and give decent maximum limits even for suspicious small markets.

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