The Fibonacci Sequence for the Bettors

December 10, 2020

Bettors who love board games know that in addition to luck, they can also resort to popular strategies to increase their chances of winning. These tactics must, however, be applied according to intuition, moment, bet, time in order to give a return. Most of the time, a strategy can be quite risky if the player is a beginner or abuses it. It’s all about experience and mostly everyone’s chance.

Among the most well-known tactics is the Fibonacci strategy, a strategy inspired by the string of numbers of the great mathematician that is often used in roulette and blackjack. Sure, you’ve heard a lot about it, but have you ever considered delving into it? If so, find out more details below. 

Who Is Fibonacci?

Surely you realized from the melody of the name that we have an Italian in front of us. Between antiquity and the modern era, the Middle Ages made their full contribution to the development of thought and science.

A leading exponent of the period is none other than Leonardo Fibonacci, a key mathematician of the Middle Ages . He has the merit of noticing that Arabic numerals were much more efficient for application in arithmetic, due to the trips he makes as a child with his father in his Arab countries. He traveled on business in these regions with his son, who quickly learned Arabic but also the Hindu Arabic number system. This is how Fibonacci studied with famous Arab mathematicians of the time where he became acquainted, among other things, with the algebra of Al-Khwarizmi. 

At the age of 30 he says stop traveling, he returns to his native places so that 2 years later he publishes the reference book Liber Abaci, where he transposes all the knowledge learned in the 30 years of travel. Such an achievement could not go unnoticed by the elders of the time, so he became a guest of honor of Emperor Frederick II, a lover of science and especially mathematics. 

His contribution to the introduction of Arabic numerals in Europe led the Republic of Pisa to grant him a salary and later to honor his name and especially his achievements by erecting a statue bearing his name and which was placed right in the city of Pisa.

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What Is The Fibonacci Sequence?

Fibonacci’s string is found in the first book of the mathematician, Liber Abacii, which in translation means the Book of Abacus. In the book, Fibonacci solves a problem of increasing the rabbit population based on assumptions. Developed generation after generation, the solution found by the mathematician led to a series of numbers that will become better known as the Fibonacci series.


What is the Fibonacci sequence after all?

For bandarqq the sequence is most important. As can be easily deduced from the name, you are dealing with a sequence of numbers. However, they are not chosen by chance, the string starting from 0 and 1, each added number representing the sum of 2 previous numbers. Thus, the string involves a sequence of numbers in the form 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and the string can continue as far as you see fit. The peculiarity of these numbers is that they can be divided by themselves, the higher the number the more the Fibonacci correlation between 2 numbers is explained. Although it seems difficult to accept, the Renaissance era benefited and fully applied this correlation in the paintings that the masters of the time left a legacy in world art.


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