The Best Poker Options You can Count On To

December 23, 2020

So it’s very important to know who we’re playing with when we have enough data. Between regular, people who usually attend the level at which we are playing, there will be different types of players, with different and peculiar tendencies.

It is important to have an optimized type of game to face the casual opponent, who maybe we only meet for a couple of hands, and instead adapt our game against all the opponents, in an ever finer, more precise way, as information grows.

How many tables to play

If we can open up to 24 regular tables together. It is really difficult to play many tables at the same time, and we think most people with excellent skills can give the best of their game by playing up to six tables, sometimes nine. There is no shortage of exceptions capable of playing one’s A – Game, that is, one’s best game, even on 24 tables in idn poker. With the maximum limit are 4 tables per level, so you can play on more than 4 tables just by making a mix, for example playing NL50 and NL25 simultaneously.

A great advantage is that it is possible to play with very low dead times even on a single table

We always give the same advice, play a number of tables in poker online such that every decision we make can be weighed up to the maximum. In practice, none of the decisions must be influenced by haste and we must always be in a position to be able to have all the time we need to think. When we realize that playing on two tables we are able to express the quality of play that characterizes our games on one table, it will be time to add the third, and the same goes for the fourth.

Playing on 4 tables you can make over a thousand hands per hour, which is equivalent to playing on more than nine regular tables. And you can do it with less stress, especially visual, and even with monitors that are perhaps not too large, so comfortably even using for example a notebook with a not particularly high resolution.

Grow fast

Normal tables start when two people take their seats, tables need six separate players to start, in the case of 6max tables.

This means that a minimum of traffic is required for the start. At levels up to NL50 such traffic is present for most of the day. The highest level currently available, the NL100, often struggles to get started. This is a shame, especially for players aiming for higher VIP statuses, such as the Supernova Elite , because the advantages of poker are so many, when there is the necessary traffic. In fact, it is possible to start a session instantly, without waiting for seats to be vacated in already open tables, or for those with few players to fill up, where we are forced to play heads up or maybe in three players until new ones arrive at the table. So with the we will immediately find how much action we want up to the NL50, and this allows us to play more hands in less time: the experience becomes faster, and the player evolves in less time.


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