Steps To Try Slots For Free At Wazobet.Com

July 9, 2020

Gambling has been a mode of entertainment for a long time, but with the latest technology and the changing world, it has now entered every household. The cellular devices that are used, has a lot more features than just making calls and texting. It provides you an opportunity to make huge money through gambling and other ways. Wazobet is an online gambling site that has been developed in Nigeria.Gamblers can now try slots for freeat


To be a member of wazobet, one needs to go through the registration procedure. The following steps will guide to complete the registration process and enter a brand new world of gambling. Once the registration process is completed, bettors can try out all the newest features of the site as well as try slots for free at

  • Visit the site

Visit the site and fill in the details asked for. Registration is done through two ways, either the cellular number of the player has to be used or the email-id, it solely depends on the player which device they want to share.

  • Mail id

If the player decides to register through their email id, a confirmation email would be sent to the id and the player needs to click on it to confirm. If registration is done using the cellular number, a confirmation message will be sent.

  • Log in

Log in and set a password and user name. Once it is set, the site will ask you to choose a card from a pack of four or five cards, once the card is chosen, the bonus amount is revealed. Each card has a different bonus amount.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Now comes the turn to deposit money. For gambling, it is necessary to bet on a certain amount of money. Every player has to deposit some amount, depending on their preference. Bettors can try free slots at without any tension as the money transfer facility of wazobet is safe and secure. To deposit the betting money, three simple steps are to be followed

The process

  • Click on the deposit tab.
  • Click on the deposit option on the page that will open right after clicking on the deposit tab.Enter the preferred mode of payment.
  • Once the player has successfully won the bet; they can withdraw the winning amount by following certain steps.
  • Click on the deposit tab.
  • Click on the ‘withdrawal’option on the page that will open right after clicking on the deposit tab then click on ‘submit’.

The site will make the necessary money transfer within 24hrs.

Introductory bonuses and weekly cashback

If you are not into gambling and think it is a wastage of money, you should try slots for free at wazobet.comas they give introductory bonuses with which bets can be placed and won. The bonus money is given by the site to all its new players to attract them and make them come back for more. They also give cashback. A weekly cashback is given to bettors. 10% of the amount is given as cashback to bettors who are active at least five days of a week.

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