Staying Safe with Online Gambling

March 9, 2021

There has been a huge surge in new players turning to all things online gambling over the past few years and the past year in particular – many experts are now suggesting that this transition away from land-based options will continue as the interest in some of the biggest online services continues to grow – whether you’re looking for the biggest betting sites not on gamstop such as these, or playing at the growing number of online casinos and their much wider representation of games – but how can you be sure that you’re staying safe whilst gambling online, and what precautions should you be taking to ensure that always remains the case?

Stick to the known sites With the growing popularity has come a huge number of new operators within the space looking to get their own slice of the action – whilst the majority are certainly all above board and trustworthy, there are those that are looking to capitalise on the inexperience of newer players. There are many red flags to be aware of, and many things to look out for – key things to keep in mind are things like welcome offers and sign-up bonuses, those that seem too good to be true typically are and may be an indicator that a site should be avoided. Similarly, keep an eye out for identifiers for a legitimate site such as licensing number, which should be prominently displayed on many different pages.

Play the games with better odds – Any player will tell you to stick to the games you enjoy most for the best experience, and that’s certainly true as you should be aiming to enjoy what you’re playing rather than aiming to win. But there are certainly games that have better odds of winning that others – things like slots typically provide the least chances of winning whereas other classics like Blackjack provide the best odds – keep an eye on which games are typically provide the better odds if you’re looking for the best chances of winning, as these will provide the safest options for paying out.

As always, play responsibly – Of course the biggest factor for staying safe whilst playing online is yourself, and ensuring you’re gambling responsibly is the best way to stay safe whilst playing online. There are plenty of tools out there to help you with this from limiting play options to only allowing a certain spend, but it does all ultimately come down to you – if you’re unsure that you can properly play responsibly too, there are services that can help blacklist certain sites. Playing for enjoyment and playing responsibly are two key factors for your best online experience!

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