Smart Betting Means Being Wise

May 25, 2020

If you are new to sports betting, these articles should help you familiarize yourself with the lingo of the world of online betting. They will also give you a solid foundation to start with as well as a betting “structure”

Here no miracle method as you can see on websites of dubious origins with very clear intentions: to rip you off outright by offering you, for example the method that will make you rich in less than seven days.

Be careful where you set foot, you are warned

In addition to the explanatory articles on how betting works, we have tested for you many prediction sites. You can read for example what we think of RMC predictions, the betting site that provides forecasts on the many sports meetings and much more.

Finally, for the more serious of you, we also set out to test budget management applications or rather “bankroll” (we are talking here about your kitty or your starting budget, the aim being to grow as much as possible), so you can manage your resources like a pro bettor.

We want to give you an impartial and neutral opinion, you decide how you can use this information. Before getting to the heart of the matter here are some tips for you in bulk:

  • Bet only on a discipline that you know to see very well.
  • Always try to find a value bet, that is to say a bet that you think has a generous odds.
  • How to find a value-bet? There is no secret, you must know the discipline well.

For an easy bet (example to validate a bonus game condition, when you must replay the sum before cashing it) bet on live tennis: wait for the server to win 30 or 40-0 and place your bet. It is extremely rare for a player to break on his serve when he or she already leads by +2.

Beware of sure bets: is the game really worth the effort?

  • If it is to validate a bonus ok, if not think twice.
  • Take advantage of the welcome bonuses to take a big achievable risk: bet on daring but possible odds to pocket a maximum of gain.
  • Register on the 15 betting sites to claim the most bonus possible, start with those who reimburse in cash such as PMU and Winamax.

Do you want to know more and improve your betting skills? 

Here is the list of articles, guides and strategies that will allow you to expand your knowledge. Remember, betting online is above all a game of chance and like all gambling, it carries a real risk of addiction and dependence. Today there are more than 11 betting operators, the regulatory authority for online gambling.

These give you the opportunity to bet on practically all sports and sporting events. Some bookmakers offer a wide variety of types of bets on the same event, compared to others.

Last Words

The odds on the same type of sporting event can also vary significantly from one operator to another. In this case, and to increase your bankroll, taking several bookmakers is very interesting. For this last reason, play the competition and take advantage of the different welcome bonuses, some online betting sites have particularly attractive offers, it would be a shame not to take advantage of them.


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