Rules for Selecting the Appropriate Bet Size

April 5, 2021

In this post, you’ll learn some general guidelines for selecting a winning size –

If there is a bad player in the blinds, maximize the size of your preflop lift: The key aim of this move is to get more profit out of the poor player. Weak and novice players, regardless of size, prefer to call raises with the same set of hands (known as a’static’ calling range). When you are in line, you should 3-bet about three times your opponent’s raise size, and when you are out of position, you should 3-bet about four times your opponent’s raise size. When you are out of place, the rival is much more likely to know his equity, so you can weigh up your 3-bets. In comparison, you usually choose to use smaller 3-bet sizes in place when you want to put your opponent’s medium-strength hands in a difficult situation (facing a well-sized 3-bet out of position). Apply this on online platforms like bandarq pkv.

On dry, static board textures, bet small (25-35 percent pot): Bets on the flop and switch, in addition to providing value, deprive the opponents of their equity as they fold. In other words, by pressuring them to fold with a bet, you take away their chance of winning the pot. When equity rejection isn’t a factor, you’re more likely to place small bets. On dry boards, this is always the case because the majority of the opponent’s hands have little or no equity against your value betting set. On dry boards, another advantage of having a limited bet scale is that calling ranges are inelastic. To put it another way, the odds of the opponent folding to a bet are equal regardless of bet size. Why gamble a big bet on your bluffs when a smaller bet would get you the same result? Small bet sizes often serve well as an exploitative countermeasure against players that fold too often. This is especially true in live games and in poor online environments, where many opponents often play a postflop style of “fit or fold.”

Wet, complex board textures are a big bet (55-80 percent pot): You can use a greater bet size when the value betting set is at risk of being outdrawn. There are three significant advantages of this strategy:

  • When you have a good hand, large bet sizes help you to create the pot.
  • Larger bets draw more money from the hard hand before the turn or river will turn it into a bluff-catcher.
  • Large bet sizes produce more fold equity, increasing the effectiveness of the bluffs.

Take into account the stack-to-pot ratio (SPR) before agreeing on a bet size: You must prepare accordingly, taking into account the size of the pot on corresponding streets as well as how you expect to play the merit hands and bluffs. Many players will overbet on the flop and then turn, leaving just a small bet on the river. Bluffing is ineffective in these situations due to the lack of fold equity generated by small river shoves, which is undesirable. Checkout bandarq pkv.

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