Roulette at the Online Casino: How You Can Make Your Choice Now

May 26, 2020

In the casino there are three kinds of roulette. These versions of roulette are American, European and French? These roulettes are those offered in gambling houses and online casinos. They are very similar; however the odds of winning are not the same with these casters. Even if the rules are the same for playing, there is a difference in the payable for each of them

Chances of winning

What differentiate the chances of winning are the zero boxes, and / or double zero in American roulette. All experienced players make the difference with these casino roulette wheels. If you are not yet one of these players, after reading this article you will know that it is with French roulette that the chances of winning are the best.

Roulette game rules

The rules of roulette at the ปอยเปตคาสิโน are quite simple. Below the essential is explained to you.The wheels of the European and French casters have 36 numbers and a zero box, which makes 37 boxes. On the other hand, American roulette has 36 numbers and two zero boxes (the 0 and the double 00), which makes a total of 38 boxes. Each number is red or black. The zeros are green.

  • On each casino roulette wheel there are several betting options. Bets are made on individual numbers, groups of numbers and / or equal odds bets such as color for example.
  • All bets must be made before the dealer spins the wheel. The principle is the same at an online casino.
  • When each player has made his bets, the dealer spins the wheel and throws the ball. When the ball lands on a number, the winning bets are paid and the losers taken by the dealer. At an online casino everything is done electronically.
  • Whatever number is released, winning bets are immediately paid.

Specifics of Roulette

The rules listed above are standard. There are however two special rules with French roulette. These rules are Sharing and In Prison. These two rules apply when a bet on a single chance loses and the ball of the wheel lands on the zero square. The bets on single odds are those with equal parity (outside bets). These bets are almost balanced between the player and the casino (50/50) in terms of the odds of winning.

Simple chances

In roulette there are six betting options with single odds: color (black or red), par (even or odd) and miss (1-18) or pass (19-36). The peculiarity of the rules in French roulette is that it is possible to recover your loss during a losing bet on a single chance. On these bets there are two choices offered to players; either they recover half of the losing bet, or they can choose the “En Prison” option. The “In Prison” option implies that the bet remains on the roulette table until the next round. If the bet is successful, the player can recover his stake at 100%. These two special rules of zero in French roulette are advantageous for the player.

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