Play France Lotto 5/49 Online and View the Latest Lottery Results in Real Time at YesPlay!

January 23, 2023
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A crazily fun, super-generous lotto game, France Loto 5/49 is the latest addition to YesPlay’s ever-growing collection of lotteries and raffles from around the globe. The game plays according to simple and easy-to-grasp rules, where a series of five main balls are drawn from the pool of 49 balls, followed by a bonus ball in the 1-10 range. The player who can correctly predict all the main numbers and the bonus ball wins the game’s massive top prize.

Drawn three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 21:00 SAST, this exciting France lotto game gives players a 1 in 19 068 840 chance to take home the largest reward.

Why play France Loto 5/49 online in South Africa?

South Africans love playing lotteries, but they do not have access to many of these games offline, as the SA government only allows selling lotto tickets for local and national SA draws. To try their luck at foreign lotteries like France Loto 5/49 or US Powerball, players must utilize the services of specialized betting platforms such as YesPlay. These websites act as a middleman between the player and the lottery organizer to allow users to bet on various outcomes associated with their chosen game.

The system these platforms use when offering lotteries to players is called Lucky Numbers betting, and it is based on fixed odds rather than the parimutuel wagering approach. A significant drawback of this system is that Lucky Numbers bettors cannot win the jackpot prize announced in the game. On the other hand, those playing France Loto 5/49 via YesPlay are free to adjust their wagering amount to their winning expectations and try a huge variety of additional betting markets that include betting on regular balls, bonus ball, Unlucky numbers, odd/even balls, and more.

One final thing that makes fixed-odds Lucky Numbers betting systems so convenient and fair is that the amount you stand to win is predetermined and only depends on the sum you wager with, not the number of players/winners. So, when you win big, you do not have to split the payout with other champions who chose the same numbers.

Where to see the latest France Loto 5/49 results online?

YesPlay’s advanced and rich functionality comes in handy when you need to quickly check the latest France lotto results online. With just a few clicks, you will be able to see what numbers won in the most recent draw and scroll the history back to view some more ancient statistics on this game.

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