Online Blackjack Rules and Strategies

June 3, 2021

Online Blackjack¬†can have a hundred variations in the games as per the version of the game. But all of them follow the basic main rules keeping the game fundamentally the same. This game has gained prominence all over the world, and now with the online versions, one can play it at any point in time. The game Blackjack always involves getting a twenty-one or closer value of cards without going over. That’s why the game was once called Vingt-Un, meaning Twenty One. Going over twenty-one and getting cards of the value of Twenty-two or over means that the player has ‘bust’.

The decision of Blackjack Winnings are based on these:

  • If the player has bust or gone over twenty-two, they lose, even if the dealer has bust.
  • The player wins if they get a higher number than the dealer, without going over twenty-one.

If the player gets a face card or a ten-value card and an ace, it is called a ‘natural’.

  • The player does not win if they get a blackjack and the dealer also gets a blackjack. This situation is called a ‘push’ or a ‘standoff’. The player gets their money back without any adjustments.
  • The player loses if the dealer gets a blackjack or a number greater than theirs.
  • If the dealer busts and the players have not, they win.

Now that the rules for winning are covered, basic Blackjack strategies are as follows:

  • The ‘Stand’: When the player is happy with their cards, they can choose to stand. The player can choose to stand after they have been given their cards.
  • The ‘Hit’: This is the second most basic thing the player must know about, the first being the stand. A hit involves the player asking the dealer for more cards. One card is given at a time to the player. The player can choose to stand when they are happy with their cards.
  • The ‘Double Down’: The player doubles their bet and takes another card. This is a great tactic to use if the player already has great cards but wants only one more. The player should be careful not to bust when using this tactic.
  • The ‘Split’: The player can do a split with their two cards by placing another bet. This is great when the player has two identical cards, especially aces.
  • ‘Resplitting’: Resplitting refers to further splitting up of cards into more hands with another bet payment being made. If the previous split up cards had the same value, they are allowed to split up again. Some casinos allow resplitting to continue on infinitely, while some have a resplitting limit that is sometimes four.
  • Doubling Down on Splits and Resplits: Some casinos allow the player to double down on a split. Some don’t.
  • ‘Surrender’: This action can be used to get back half of the player’s bet by surrendering if they are not happy with their cards. This is a good idea if one has bust and go over twenty-one, as they won’t lose all their money by losing.

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