Live casinos vs Traditional casinos

January 10, 2021

With the Internet being easily accessible, a big sector of gambling moved online. Players can play their favorite games whenever, from the comfort of their own homes. The selection of slots and games is the same, if not better, as in land-based casinos. Nevertheless, some players love regular casinos for the social aspect of gambling – something that is missing from online casinos like 666 Casino. That is why, the introduction of live casinos can be perceived as the bridge between online casinos and traditional casinos.

What are live casinos

Live casinos are a form of online casinos that have several extra features which change the experience. In the case of online casinos, dealers are replaced with number generators. In live casinos, just like in traditional ones, there is a dealer who deals cards and interacts with players. Gamblers can see the cards being shuffled or the roulette spinning – something that is not possible when playing at online casinos. They can also see the dealers and have conversations with them, which allows them to enjoy human interaction. The games are played in real time, against other human players, what makes the gamblers feel like they are sat at a real-life casino table.

Pros and cons of live casinos

Live casinos are convenient because people do not have to travel long distances when they feel like playing. Anyone can access live casinos at any time of day and night, from any location. All that is necessary to join the game is a device with access to Internet. Chatting to the dealers creates the atmosphere of being in a traditional casino that players can enjoy without leaving the bed. A downside of live casinos is that there are limited seats at the table. Regular online casinos allow unlimited number of participants, and land-based casinos often have multiple tables of the same game. In a live casino a player can lose their spot if they have been inactive or have not placed a bet in more than two consecutive games. Similarly, as the games are played in real time it is impossible to resume a game if a player has lost Internet connection.

The verdict  

There is something special about being able to hold and feel the cards, walk around the casino premises watching others play and having conversations with other gamblers, and listen to the buzz of machine sounds and human voices. Land-based casinos have a unique atmosphere that makes gambling experience extraordinary. Visiting a traditional casino is incomparable to any simulated experience. Nevertheless, with technology developments, high-quality graphics, live streams and chats, live casinos are the next best thing.

Some people will always prefer traditional casinos because that is the real experience. At the same time live casinos provide users with comfort and convenience of being able to play whenever they feel like it, without having to worry about what they are wearing, or how they are going to get to the venue. There is no clear answer as to what form of casino is better, players should try out both and see what better caters for their needs.

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