Learn to change gears: what does it mean in online poker game?

January 14, 2021

Changing gears in a Judi domino qq tournament means understanding the dynamics of the game and adapting. There will be times when you will be playing poker so solid that your opponents will think that you are a “rock”. And so it is possible to use this image in more advanced stages of the tournament, to increase your frequency bluffs and semi-bluffs, capitalizing on what your opponents think about you.

At this time you will want to start opening your range of hands in position, apply a squeeze or opt for a 3-bet light instead of folding with a hand that flops well. As well as knowing how to change gears, it is also necessary to develop the ability to identify the right spots to attack and pull pots without resistance. And at that time it doesn’t matter if it’s a low buy-in tournament, nobody wants to be the bubble of any final table.

You see, this is not a rule

It will depend a lot on the dynamics of the game, if you have built an adequate image – whether the value of chips in play pays off, whether players at your table are able to fold, and especially if you have a good stack for that. If that spot does not meet the requirements above, it means that it may be better to stay in the solid gear you are on. At the same time, if you imagine that your image at the table is that of a manic player who plays a lot of hands, it may be more interesting to close your range further, as it is also possible to capitalize on that since your opponents will not give you credit and will pay your bets with premium hands.

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Target the weakest players

This tip is exclusive to the final stages of the tournament, when only two or three tables remain, or at the final table. To win poker tournaments that have already reached these stages, first of all you need to know how to choose your battles. If you go head-to-head with professional players, they will either set traps to catch you or they will simply counter you with much more force. And secondly, you will have to start playing your opponents’ hand instead of just playing yours. That is, it will no longer matter what you have in hand, but what your opponents do not have.

So aim for the weakest players in the agen poker terbesar tournament. These players show more of the range of hands they are playing, making it possible to read more accurately than they have and play accordingly. You should aim for the weakest players because in this step mistakes are much more expensive and it is unlikely that a professional will make considerable mistakes. The logic is to put yourself in situations where your opponent is most likely to make mistakes.

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Although this sounds like an attacking tactic, it is much more of a defensive tactic that will help you get closer – little by little, closer to the first places until you finally win the poker tournament.

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