How to Tell if an Online Blackjack Game is Rigged?

September 8, 2021

Online blackjack, at its core, is a game of luck. Nobody can influence the outcome of the cards that are dealt. It’s simply how math works out in this game, specifically with the number 21. So why does it seem like some players just seem to win more often than not?

That’s where you need to look at the game itself and the casino running it. Are they offering anything that would make them stand out from other casinos? The most obvious among these things are bonuses, or in blackjack terms, “comps.” 

Online casinos offer comps, or bonuses, to players who play a lot. This is done so that the player will continue playing at their casino and not take their business elsewhere. But are they fair?

How to Know if It’s Rigged or Fair?

Online Blackjack games offer many of the same opportunities as games in a brick and mortar casino. Blackjack is one of the easiest games to play, understand, and master, yet it still provides players with more than enough choices to make for an interesting game.

The very best online casinos will offer great blackjack bonuses, which can be used on any table game they provide or even just to play on.

If you are one of the many people that enjoy online blackjack then this article is for you. In order to help understand if a blackjack online game is rigged or fair, the following criteria will guide your research:

Game Providers

The first thing you need to check is where the casino gets its games from in the first place. As you are probably aware, online casinos can play host to multiple game providers where they allow others to use their platform in order to run games for players.

While the vast majority of providers are reputable and honest individuals and businesses, there have been a few that have rigged their games against players in favour of themselves.

If a game is not vetted by the casino itself or at least another reputable organization, it may be best to avoid it completely. While this is not always the case, there have been instances where players have lost out on thousands of dollars due to issues related to poorly tested games.

It’s very important that you ask about the provider of any game you decide to play for any reason. The casino may not be able to disclose exactly who the provider is, but they should at least be able to give you a better idea of what their testing and approval process entails before allowing them inside their own platform.

Gameplay Speed

Another way that online blackjack games can be rigged against players is through the speed of play. The vast majority of blackjack online games will allow you to customize the speed and levels of autoplay that you enjoy.

If a game is fast, it greatly increases the chances that the dealer has been dealt an advantage already either through extra cards or through help from its designer.

This should not be a concern for you if you are playing at an online blackjack site that also has physical casino games, where it’s possible for cards to fall in the wrong place or deal extra hands. This is because the casino will have “boots on the ground” employees who can ensure everything happens according to plan and randomly.

Don’t Get Hooked

It’s always better to do as much research about a website before putting your hard-earned money down. This is not just to find the best possible promotion or bonus, but also to ensure you can trust them and their games will be fair. Look for timely promotions and bonuses that are easy on the rollover limits so you can really enjoy all that they have to offer.

Remember, casinos are in the business of making money, just like you! Some will go to great lengths to ensure they are doing everything above board and upfront. Others may try to get one over on you and take your money for themselves with illicit practices.

Be careful, but do not let your fear of a rigged game keep you away from playing some of the best online casino games available today.

How Well Are The Online Blackjack Games Coded?

If the game has been coded well, the player’s advantage will be high and the dealer’s disadvantage reduced. Players often go for low-edge games as they first offer them good odds and, secondly, better chances of winning than other blackjack forms.

The faster the game is dealt by a virtual dealer; the higher are his chances of success in real-time.

The best way of checking this is to see whether or not the casino’s blackjack game system has an automatic speed limiter in a place like other forms of online blackjack software. In several cases, it becomes possible for a player to make more than one move per second which reduces the dealer’s chances of victory by a great margin.


The best way for players to know whether or not their blackjack game is fair is by checking the number of decks and dealer’s hand values. They can also check their chances of achieving natural blackjacks at certain online casinos with an online blackjack calculator.

This will provide players with insight into the probabilities of winning a particular variant, thus enabling them to make informed decisions regarding which game variant suits their playing needs best.

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