Handicap Bets With Smart Wins For You

July 28, 2021

The first necessary clarification, sports betting with a handicap is not reserved for people in wheelchairs. They also do not relate to the Paralympic Games. Come on, it’s time to put an end to these failed attempts at humor, we put on our serious guy glasses, and we explain to you.

What you need to know is that handicap betting has existed abroad for a very long time. Particularly in the United Kingdom, which is the home of sports betting, there is prevalent betting. However, for a long time, this type of betting was prohibited.

What is a handicap bet?

As its name suggests, the handicap bet consists of inflicting a handicap of points or goals on the presumed strongest team. Basically, it’s like giving a weaker team one (or more) goal before kick-off.

These Bicho777 sports bets do not exist only in football since they are found in all team sports, and sometimes bookmakers will call them “spread” bets, which is the same.

What is the interest of bookmakers to offer this kind of bet? There are several of them:

For unbalanced matches, this makes it possible to offer a little more balanced odds and, therefore, more interesting for punters. As you know to be profitable in sports betting, it is better to avoid betting on too low odds (less than 1.30).

In general, this allows offering more choices to punters. So depending on the analysis he will have made of the match, punters will have the opportunity to bet on different possible scenarios. Handicap sports bets allow football matches, for example, to bet on a victory by more than two goals, or on a win by exactly one goal, etc.

  • Today if you bet online, you can bet on this type of “spread” bet. If you bet at the tobacco shop, handicap bets will be presented. Differently, we talk about this a little later in the article.
  • This allows the sports betting site to enrich the offer of proposed bets, the goal being that the bettor finds the bet he likes. And the bookmaker knows very well that if the bettor is happy, the bettor heats the credit card.
  • It can make a bet more interesting for you better in terms of odds level and, therefore, more profitable.


Because, in fact, following your analysis, you will often have a relatively precise idea of ​​the difference in points (or goals) that there can be between two teams.

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