Gambling Relapse: Triggering Factors And How To Stay Away From Them?

January 29, 2021

If you are trying to get over your gambling addiction, staying away from any kind of gambling relapse triggering point is very crucial. Whether it is staying away from betting sites without Gamstop or going for an addiction center where you could seek help. With the holidays and the lockdown, people trying to recover from gambling addiction, it is hard for them. The temptations are more due to isolation. And, here are some triggering points and what you could do to avoid them.


This is one of the most common reasons that one might come across. People when want to handle or cope up with stress, usually resort to gambling which helps them with the adrenaline rush. And, when trying to handle stress yet at the same time remove them from the addiction of gambling, do not know where to go. Some might go through financial stress and turn towards gambling for earning extra money. But it is a slippery path.

If you wish to avoid both, finding out what is causing stress is crucial, go for productive remedies that will not hurt you or make you a gambling addict. You could do this through exercise, cooking, even meditating. Anything above getting bored and resorting towards gambling. 


With Covid-19, many have been isolated and are staying alone. A haphazard daily routine and uncertainty are enough to mess up the positive sides. Loneliness might cause you to go looking for entertainment and many people during this time have gone for gambling day and night.

Finding the right support system is crucial during this period. Admit that you are struggling and looking for emotional support. It could even be your pet. If you are staying alone, try to do video calls with family or if there are gambling addiction centers holding meetings, join them. 

Easy Access To Gambling Sites 

Nowadays, technology has truly made life easier. You now do not have to rely on brick-and-mortar casinos anymore. You could now play gambling anywhere and anytime. With gambling sites, you no more have to get out of your home. 

If you have gambling sites and apps on your laptop or phone and have them bookmarked, remove them. Stop searching for betting sites without Gamstop, and if you cannot do it for yourself, ask someone to be accountable for it. Even if necessary, block your card with which you used to do gambling transactions.

Therefore, these are some of the triggering points that you should be well aware of. Gambling for some time does not make you invincible from temptation, therefore taking any step should be done wisely.

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