Frequently used terms in online poker IDN

March 24, 2020
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Everyone has heard the name of online poker but in reality, there are still many people who do not know and have never known how to play poker online. As a game, online poker games are popular activities that are played using a set of playing cards as a game tool.

Today you can easily find this game on online poker sites that are scattered on the internet one of the best sites to start playing is Agen Poker IDN. Usually, other games are also available such as domino qq, Capsa Susun or city dealer. Like what you can find on the Agen poker IDN site, which is the best and most trusted online poker agent, where you can play poker online with thousands of other players all over the world.

The way to play is easy, just need to visit the site on the Agen Poker IDN and register as a member. It doesn’t take long, just a few minutes is what needed to get registered. With a minimum deposit of some amount, you can already try the exciting online poker game.


The player is a term used to refer to poker players themselves. There are several terms used for this, some people call bettors not infrequently also make use of the term poker gambler.


This is used when a player shows that he still participates in a game when the previous player raises a bet. If your opponent increases the stakes and you still believe in the card you have, that’s where you do the call.


Raise refers to increasing the number of bets played. You have the opportunity to increase the value of the bet in each round. You need to do this when you are sure of the card you have or just want to scare other players when they get a card that isn’t too good to fall on the table.


When the player before you does not increase the value of the bet and you are also quite satisfied with the value of the bet, then this term is used. If all players check then the next round will start immediately and the system will issue the next card on the community card (table card).


You are not sure about the card being played or the bet being played is too high for you, you should choose to fold. The fold is when you decide not to continue playing or leave the game. Of course, your betting money is immediately considered forfeited because you have folded (or died).

Hole Card

Several cards are given to you at the beginning of online and offline poker games. In the game Texas Hold’em Poker hole cards dealt amounted to 2 cards while for other poker variants namely Omaha hole cards reaching 4 cards.

 You need to know this term because it means that you have increased your chances of winning at online poker sites like Agen poker IDN.