Five Investors to Watch in the Football Venture Market

May 6, 2022
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There are a number of different investors in the football industry. While some of the biggest players in the business are well known, others are relatively unknown. Here is a look at five investors to watch in this game. These investors include Michael Douglas Smith, Liquid2 Ventures, Fan Controlled Football, and 32 Equity. If you have invested in any of these companies, you are likely to make some serious money in the future. So how do you spot a good Football Venture opportunity?

Michael Douglas Smith

The saga of Michael Douglas Smith’s Football Venture UFABET has been a long and tumultuous one. The former NFL player and current ESPN personality has been a fixture in sports coverage since 2004. He once dreamed of becoming an architect, but switched gears in the end to become a commercial real estate developer. Smith, the 17th overall pick in the 1990 NFL draft, played 13 seasons for the Dallas Cowboys and spent the last two with the Arizona Cardinals.

Liquid2 Ventures

With its latest investment, Liquid2 has become the latest startup to receive a unicorn valuation. The fund has invested in GitLab, a DevOps platform, which has since become an IPO valued at $15 billion. Montana and his son Nate are involved in the venture, and the firm’s three partners oversee the football-related investments. Joe Montana focuses on deal sourcing and technical issues, while Nate is more involved with portfolio connections.

32 Equity

With the NFL’s investment in health and wellness, the sports organization is stepping out in a big way. The NFL’s venture capital arm, 32 Equity, has partnered with other investors to create a health pass app for NFL fans. The app is already used across NHL, NBA, MLS, and many other sports venues. The NFL invested in 32 Equity because of its interest in sports technology. It also wants to expand legal sports betting and fan engagement.

Fan Controlled Football

The Fan Controlled Football venture is a new way to experience professional football. Fans control key decisions in a football game by voting on offensive plays through an app. Each fan can vote on the plays they want to see their team call and have that play relayed to the head coach and quarterback. Fans can vote on players, coaches, and even the rules of the game. The league has raised over $40 million in Series A funding to date.

One Football

Earlier this year, One Football launched a mobile app to allow fans to follow their favorite soccer teams without leaving the comfort of their homes. The app has grown to 100 million users and provides soccer statistics in 12 languages. Adidas is a strategic investor in One Football, which has received multimillion-dollar investment from renowned venture capital firms. The soccer industry has also been increasingly in touch with the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. In June, AC Milan partnered with cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX to release limited edition non-fungible tokens. Boca Juniors recently contemplated a similar initiative.

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