Different types of chips used in poker

September 6, 2020

Poker is a very popular game and people like to play many variants of poker online Indonesia whenever they like. They just need to register on a website and start playing games. Some websites do not want any type of registration and people can play the game as soon as they visit the site. The games are played to win a lot of money. None of the casinos, whether online or land based, allow people to use cash for betting. People have to purchase different types of chips for playing games. People can also purchase the chips if they want to play poker games at home. In this article, we will discuss about different types of chips used at home or in casinos.

Plastic poker chips

Plastic poker chips are of two types and these are the cheapest form of chips that can be purchased from any chain store. One of these poker chips is round in shape and can be used for playing the game at home. The second type of this hip is called diamond chip. The weight of this chip is little higher than the normal plastic chips. The chips are available in solid colors and they have standard casino size. These chips are considered as better option than the normal plastic chips and people can play games at home with them.

Composite poker chips

Composite poker chips are very common and can be found in homes for playing poker games. The chops can be purchased from any chain store. Things that are provided with these chips include a deck, a dealer button, and a cut card. Designs of dice, diamonds, or suits of cards can be found on these chips. The weight of these chips is 11.5 grams and they are of solid colors. One disadvantage of these chips is that they are slippery in nature so storage can be difficult. The chips can also be customized and people can ask for different designs to be included on the chips. The chips have metal insert and that is the reason of their weight. Another form of these chips is also available and they do not have metal insert.

Ceramic poker chips

These poker chips are used in casinos and they are available with many graphical designs. The life of these chips is very long and people can use them to play without any worries of wear and tear. The cost of these chips is very high but they are good chips for playing poker games at home or in casinos.

Clay poker chips

This type of chips is very expensive and can be found only in casinos. The quality of the chips is the best one as compression molding process is used to make the chips. Handling and stacking these chips are very easy and the weight of these chips is eight or nine grams.

People can purchase the chips as per their requirements and budget. These chips are available online and also in chain stores. There is a huge stock of these chips so people need not worry about any shortage when they come to purchase the chips.

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