Casino bonus – how to meet the wagering requirement faster?

October 14, 2020

You need to know that you can redeem your bonus much faster by taking advantage of some information. There is nothing illegal. Follow the following steps very carefully if you are playing Judi joker123 online casino and want to withdrawal your money.

To redeem the bonus first, play the slot machines

To convert the bonus into real money it is necessary to play it for a certain number of times. Joker123 terbaru slot has a 100% casino bonus contribution percentage, so every dollar of bonus you play contributes to its redemption. This does not apply to other casino game.

Each slot machine has a different RTP

The RTP or “Return to Player” is a datum that indicates on average how much of the stake returns to the player in the form of winnings. This is a figure calculated on many games, and it is very important because it tells us how much a slot pays. Online casinos have RTPs above 90% but which generally are around 95% and in some cases they are around 98.5% and even exceed it. The percentage of RTP is public and casinos are obliged to publish it. However, online slot machines are plentiful and it is difficult to find out which ones pay the best.

How to get the most out of a slot machine?

To make the most of a slot machine and have the best chance of redeeming the casino bonus in the shortest possible time, you need to play it with the maximum bet and all the functions activated. In fact, the percentages of RTP are calculated precisely in these conditions. So for example, turning off some lines will greatly lower the actual RTP percentage. You must also play it for such a long time to activate all its extra features.

Watch out for variance

In addition to the percentage of RTP, it is important to know the level of variance or volatility of a slot machine. In fact, there are slot games that pay off more times but with smaller prizes (low variance) and slots that instead give out fewer but higher prizes (high variance). In general, you decide which one is your favorite. To redeem the casino bonus, both solutions might be good. Those with low variance would allow you to stay more or less at the same starting level, while those with high variance could offer you a nice reward or make you lose almost everything. It therefore depends on how much you are willing to risk.

In the Casino Terms and Conditions, there is an apostille specifying the possibility of canceling your bonus for “abuse”. One of the cases where it is allowed to remove the bonus funds is the presence of multiple bonuses per household. Other abuses include covering red and black roulette to quickly reach your game goal.

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