Case- Study of Chinese Gambling.

May 30, 2021

The passion of Chinese people for gambling is well known, fate is considered an important factor in life, and gambling is no exception. For this reason, Chinese and other Asian immigrants have always been the target audience of gambling advertisements by US casino operators. Many US casino venues appoint Asian dealers; serve ethnic cuisine to pep up the Asian ambience. Some even offer free transportation to lure Asian gamblers. Commerce Casino, located outskirt of Los Angles, assumes most of the patrons; almost 60% are of Chinese origins. 

The former Portuguese colony, Macau, has become a renowned gambling destination, attracting gamblers from all over the world. Around thirty-one million people visit this place annually; it is seven times more than Las Vegas. Macau registered revenue of $37.73 million in 2019, bypassing the proceeds of the American city, which was $6.5 million. The expected revenue of Macau is expected to exceed $100 billion by this year-end. 

Non -permitted forms of gambling is declared illegal in Mainland China under Article 303

Macau is not only a gambling hub for Chinese citizens but many gamblers from Australia, New Zealand flock over here. However, most of the customers come from Hong Kong and Shenzhen province. The reviews written by the visitors to this magnificent gambling city show their experience was extremely stratifying. The quality and spectrum of games offered are equal to the best online casinos like kiss918 apk.

Non permitted forms of gambling is declared illegal in Mainland China under Article 303 of the Criminal Law of the People`s Republic of China. The law states anyone who gambles or operates a gambling house or makes gambling a profession for the purpose of profit shall be put behind bars for a specific period not exceeding three years. The law is silent about casual betting but treated as a crime due to the old regime. 

Casual gamblers are fined and scot-free. In social media, there are reports of thousands, sometimes million arrests made by police for gambling. This advertisement is to deter people from gambling. As citizens start believing they can be arrested for gambling, which is not a case. The law enforcement agency does not focus too much on casual gambling or card games in social gatherings. The offense is deemed to be equal if one wager in illegal land-based casinos or put a stake through offshore gambling websites. Most often, a casual gambler is penalized with a three thousand Yuan fine. 

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