Can I nonetheless get beyond draw effects?

July 7, 2022
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You can take a look at the beyond effects on (effects seeing that 1992 are to be had). You also can acquire beyond effects on Mobile through WAP/GPRS or Sports Toto’s telephone app which may be 먹튀검증 downloaded from Android Market or Apple App Store. Go to for greater statistics.

Can I get beyond triumphing information for Toto video games?

You can take a look at the beyond triumphing information of Toto video games and your preferred numbers at the subsequent respective websites:

How quickly can I declare my prize after every draw?

You can declare 먹튀검증 your prize the day after the draw.

What identity ought I produce to assert my prize?

You ought to gift the triumphing price tag and one of the following documents:

  • Your identification card or passport.

How a great deal of time do I even have for claiming my triumphing prize?

Prizes may be claimed within a hundred and eighty days from the date of the applicable draw. Winnings that stay unclaimed after a hundred and eighty days will be forwarded to the Ministry of Finance.

Is my prize cash taxable?

No, your winnings aren’t taxable.

How ought I cope with my tickets?

It could be very 먹튀검증 essential that you maintain your tickets properly. Your tickets ought to be saved in excellent condition. You ought to NOT stain, iron, wash, fold, give way or divulge the price tag to heat.

What ought I do if my price tag is misplaced or stolen?

It’s our regulations and policies sincerely country that a prize is payable to the bearer of a legitimate triumphing price tag. Sports Toto will best don’t forget prize claims if the misplaced or stolen price tag (that is a triumphing price tag) is finally located and produced for processing according to the regulations and policies.

No claims may be entertained without the presence of the triumphing price tag. Therefore, we strongly suggest clients take the right care of their tickets.

If my price tag is torn, can I nonetheless declare my prize?

Prizes will best be paid to the bearer of a legitimate triumphing price tag if this is in the right condition. As way as possible, Sports Toto will Endeavour to system tickets that can be torn, mutilated, defaced, or disfigured, supplying the crucial statistics at the torn tickets is legible for similarly processing and validation.

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