Best Strategies To Win Roulette At Casino

October 26, 2021


The main goal of every gambling strategy is to reduce the advantage of the casino over the gambler and make the fact of luck less significant during the game. During the three centuries of the roulette game, players have always sought to find a way to control the “wheel of fortune”. The most effective of them have become popular and are often used in casinos, which allows players, when used correctly, to increase their chances of winning. Consider the best roulette strategies and systems.

Martingale strategy

Based on a system of sequential decrease or increase in rates. The game is played only for equal chances: red – black, even – odd, small – big. You have to bet on the same thing all the time. For example, always on “black”. Color cannot be changed! If your bet is played, you take the money and put the bet again equal to the previous one. But every time when fortune turns away from you, you need to double your bet. In theory, you cannot lose with this approach. But in reality, everything is not so simple: if the losing streak turns out to be too long, firstly, you may not have enough money to constantly double your bet, and secondly, you may simply exceed the betting limits established by the casino, because it is considered that the minimum and maximum betting limits and are introduced on the basis of limiting the use of the Martingale system.

Thomas Donald (Nathanson) strategy

This system (which is a slightly modified version of the Martingale strategy) is based on lowering the rate by one unit if you win and increasing the rate by one unit if you lose. Here you also need to bet on equal chances and adhere to the initially selected cell of the playing table. However, it should be borne in mind that if your bet is minimal and cannot be lowered, a “pseudo bet” is made, i.e. skip one spin and place the next bet based on the result of this game. It has been verified that in order to receive a win with this strategy, you need forty times the capital of the original bet. And be sure to consider the maximum betting limits.


Two-thirds strategy

There are 37 numbers on the roulette wheel and theoretically they are equal, but in practice many players see that Fortune does not like all roulette numbers. Because with 37 throws of the ball, all 37 numbers do not always fall out. The “two thirds” strategy says that with 37 tosses, about two thirds of all numbers appear. The first rep can come as early as the eighth back. With 25 tosses of the ball, we can get 5 repetitions, and one number can appear already three times. And following the results of 37 throws, on average, 9 numbers appear twice, and three numbers appear three times. It remains only to determine which ones … Here you can choose two options: either bet on repeating values, or vice versa – bet on a number that has not yet appeared on the roulette wheel.

Biarritz strategy (Makarov system)

This strategy is based on the mathematical Monte Carlo method, the essence of which is that you need to bet the same amount on the same square of the playing field. Let’s say you bet $ 1 on 18. And you have to do it 36 ​​times.

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