Banking Trends for Online Casinos 

May 28, 2020

One of the main components of an online casino is the payment method. An ideal casino is one that provides for a fast, reliable, and secure payment method. Privy to this information, most online casinos are always looking to revamp their payment methods. They are taking advantage of the ever-growing banking system to improve their payment methods.

So far these are the two main current trends in online casinos;


  • PayPal 


For a long time, online casinos had embraced credit cards as the primary payment method. However, there have been challenges due to fraud and data security. That is where PayPal has come in. Even though having been in existence for some time, online casinos had detested PayPal has a payment method. Until after most trading facilities picked it up. Currently, most of the top online casino Malaysia provide PayPal as a means of payment.

One of the reasons for the popularity of PayPal is security. Accessing PayPal in your mobile devices allows you to use passwords and access them safely. Top financial institutions in the world also certify it as a secure payment method. 

Speed is also another selling point for PayPal. Once you have linked your account to the online casino, you can easily transact within seconds. The payment method also comes with affordable transaction costs.

While PayPal is an excellent payment method, it also has its fair share of cons. The first challenge is finding the sites that provide for it. Most sites reverted to other payment options when PayPal earlier stopped supporting online casino payments. PayPal also has some challenges on the anonymity of users. These are minor issues that cannot hinder users from applying it. 


  • Cryptocurrency 


Cryptocurrency is the new kid on the block of the financial sector. Cryptocurrency is a coin made from the blockchain. The development of the internet of things and the other technological advancements has seen the influx of crypto in almost all sectors; online casinos inclusive. Some of the most used crypto in online casinos are Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

One of the main reasons for the increased use of crypto is security. The payment option provides for anonymity like never before. 

Some of the best online casino Malaysia also like crypto due to the fast speeds. Transactions between the casino and the e-wallet happen within microseconds. The anonymity also allows for users in countries where gambling is banned.  

The only primary concern with crypto is its volatility. Being a new currency, it is prone to changes in value that can be so destabilizing. 

Bottom Line

The more technology advances, the better payment methods become in online casinos. Gamers are embracing security and speed more than any other thing. 

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