6 Surprises That Will Make Your Spouse Happy

April 24, 2020

They say marriage is like a game of cards. You have to make room for happiness for your better half by taking efforts. Otherwise, winning over each other’s heart becomes a difficult task. So to keep your spouse happy, there could be many things you may consider. Right from shopping for gifts, spending intimate moments, taking some time off together to a destination, or even playing sports, you have a variety of choices. In this post, we will give you a few ideas about surprises to arrange to keep your spouse smiling.

  • Have a Meaningful Conversation

Talking about day-to-day activities with your spouse can have a positive effect on the marriage. Your better half will be aware of what’s happening in your work life and other fronts. He/she will feel important to be a part of your good and bad times. A heart-to-heart conversation can take your relationship to new heights. So, probably you can work out a surprise for your beloved in the following way:

  • Ask your spouse to tell you what the happiest and saddest moment of the day was.
  • After hearing out the about sad moment, you can cheer your dear one with a small token of love such as a box of chocolates, a flower, etc.
  • Ease up the mood by playing a rummy game together and grab a few laughs.
  • A Dinner Date

What could be a greater surprise than a dinner date for two of you? Of course, you may plan for it well in advance. You can book a table at your dear one’s favourite restaurant. Or you may try a new restaurant altogether. Or perhaps you can take him/her out to a place you like the most. Or maybe check out a new eat-out place that you both have not visited yet.

  • Speak to the chef and arrange a unique dish if possible to make the surprise a more intriguing one.
  • Help out your spouse with the selection of dishes. Have a four-course meal and make it a grand party of two.
  • Make sure you both stay comfortable throughout. So avoid topics that could create a stir or displeasure. Talk about how he/she is a special part of your life.
  • An Evening Stroll

A picnic to a garden or beach may seem an old school idea, but it works every time. So pack a small picnic basket comprising of snacking items, a pack of playing cards, a Bluetooth speaker to play some music, and other things necessary for a short outing. Give a surprise to your spouse and tell him/her you have a date waiting and take them along to this recreational spot.

  • Relax together, talk about things, and enjoy the nature. Take pictures of the surroundings and a few selfies.
  • Play the Indian rummy with the cards you brought along. You may even carry a few board games to keep entertained.
  • Quench the hunger over the snacking items and relax a bit more before an evening stroll across the beach or garden.
  • Play Indoor Games

There could be times when you are away from your home. During such moments, it is obvious to miss the company of your beloved. But, you can still feel their closeness over internet games and activities. So, one of the ways of surprising your spouse is to play rummy online together. This serves two purposes. Firstly, you get to stay in touch with your dear one. Secondly, you get to enjoy your favourite game.

  • All you have to do is download the rummy app, and play the game against each other. Play a few practice games at the start to know how to work around the app.
  • Learn about the controls and rules before taking up more difficult games. You can try out the cash games and tournaments.
  • You can even deposit cash in the rummy account of your spouse and take him/her by surprise. Cash deposit members are eligible to play games that provide cash rewards to the winners
  • Do the House Chores Together

It is said the key to a happy marriage is to share the chores and workload. So, if one of the days you wash clothes, your partner can share the load the next time. This way, you both will understand each other and able to handle house chores easily. But you can also surprise your partner by giving them a break from their daily duties. Especially, if your better half is tired or unwell, you can take over and surprise him/her.

  • Fix your dear one a hearty breakfast and tell him/her that they do not have to do anything for the day. They can relax and do whatever they like without a worry.
  • In between the chores, keep a check on your beloved and see if he/she needs anything. Spend some time together as well.
  • Settle for a Romantic Night

Given a busy schedule, you may often miss out on romance that is shared between spouses. So why not try and relive the romantics moments that you both shared in the past. Cut away from the daily monotonous schedule and do something different. Maybe you can teach your partner how to play rummy, a different variant than they know.

  • Like rather than calling up your friends, sneak a call to your partner even if they are in the same room, and engage in a playful talk.
  • After all, things like cooking meals together, watching a movie, etc could be fun and exceptional. These small things will surely surprise your beloved.

Final Thoughts

Being married could be one of the best things you must have done for yourself. But to make your spouse feel content and happy simultaneously, you need to sometimes indulge in fun activities. Why not take the initiative to spice up the relationship and surprise your partner? The above given ideas will surely help you out. Follow these and experience a good change in your spousal relationship.

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