How to play like a pro- Quick tips for beating low stakes games

January 19, 2024

The first key to beating low-stakes games is to tighten up your starting hand requirements preflop. Stick to strong, premium-value hands that perform well post-flop such as big pairs, suited broadways, and big aces. Avoid speculative junk hands that seem fancy but lack real equity. Tight is right.

 Size your bets properly

When you have legitimate strong hands, bet bigger for maximum value fish will call off their stacks even with one pair. Make your strong hands expensive to continue against by betting 2/3 to full pot size. Not huge overbets, but properly sized bets based on the board texture.

Fire continuation bets

Lock in that post-flop edge by betting almost 100% of your range on the flop as the pre-flop aggressor. Low-stakes players fold way too easily when faced with a c-bet. They won’t float or bluff raises often. They are fire that c-bet relentlessly. When players limp or call raises passively preflop, isolate them post-flop. Raise their limps preflop with premiums. They call your preflop raise, bet big on the flop with your range for value. Passive players don’t stand up well to aggression out of position.

Avoid slow playing strong hands

Beginners love to slow play big hands, but against weaker players this forfeits value 와우포커 머니상. They will call with almost any piece of the board. Bet your strong made hands fast without delay to build the pot. Don’t let them draw out cheaply if they catch a piece heads up and deep stacked, play straightforward. Bet for value with a strong top pair or better hands. Protect against draw outs. Don’t get into fancy bluff battles or overplaying marginal-made hands. ABC poker works wonders against fish.

Review your play & learn lessons

Analyze every significant hand after sessions, not just your end-session results. See if your process and decisions were correct. Don’t fall into the trap of results-oriented thinking. Focus on improving your decision quality long term. Have strict rules for what stakes you play relative to your bankroll size. Never play at stakes too high for your available capital. Variance swings occur. Have 20-30 max buy-INS for the limit you want to play to survive the swings.

 Tight folding ranges in tricky spots

When facing huge rivers bets or 3bets in marginal situations, have a default tight folding range, at least initially. Don’t call off speculative holdings against unknown players on scary boards. Preserve your stack and live to fight another day when unsure. You don’t need to play like a technical wizard with all sorts of fancy moves to beat the micros. Sound fundamentals and value-based poker triumph over weaker competition. Don’t get over creative. As they say – “If you can’t spot the fish at your table, you are the fish.”

Have a stop loss & quitting time

It’s crucial to quit playing after a certain amount of losses or when you feel frustration building and tiredness setting in. Have a stop-loss rule for your sessions. Also set quitting time every day to avoid marathon sessions clouding your decision making. When you hit an inevitable bad run, don’t make the fatal mistake of depositing above your means to try and “get even.” This rarely ends well and causes further frustration. Live to fight another day. Don’t chase losses or let tilt cause you to move up stakes recklessly.

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